How to use this corpus

To find a recording of a practice exam or a video of the IELTS speaking test sample, you can use either “Browse” or “Search” function. This site is fully searchable, not just by browsing speakers’ biographic information, like gender, age, the IELTS Speaking score they achieved and the IELTS speaking session they took. You can also use “Search” function to search the recording samples by selecting the linguistic features you are interested in.

All the annotations that have been added for the current recordings are solely our suggestions. We do not claim that these are 100% accurate or the only way the speech can be analyzed. All raw recordings and transcripts are open for download for your own research. Your comments and feedback are most welcome. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts about the corpus.

How to cite this corpus

Chen, H. C. (2022). The English Speech Corpus with Different Proficiency Levels. The Education University of Hong Kong. Retrieved from