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Speaker : 9
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3
  E-examiner S-student
E: So, we’ve been talking about a film that makes you think a lot. And I am going to ask you some questions related to this. Let’s begin with, first of all, films in general. What do you think makes a good film?
S: First, I think the, the most important thing about a movie is about his storyline and a successful movie will check… will take own story very logically and can’t make everyone know if he tol…this story happen. So, I think the most, most thing…

E: What you mean by logically?
S: It means we must… it mean, like, in one, in one fiction and we know his reason and result and the whole process. A{inaudible}nd it have… be there necessas, necessary{noise} liv, living reason.

E: Is the film industry very important for your country?
S: I think in ou, in my country is alm… mostly movies {sigh} al, al, always have a story because we don’t have some… don’t have more techlo, techlolic to do some beautiful scenes. So, we almost always work on the story.

E: What kinds of film are very popular in your country?
S: It must be the comedies because in ou, in my countr, in my country, most people want, want to see movie because the… because they want to relieve their stress. So, they alwa… the first choose m, must be the comedy.

E: And why do you think many movies have special effects?
S: Sorry, can you say, {noise} say it again?

E: Of course. Why do you think many movies use special effects?
S: Be, becau, because many… I, in, in my view, because some movies their story just simple, so, they need to add more details to attract people to see their mo, movies. So, they always choose to add it.

E: Do you think that films today are different to films in the past?
S: I think absolutely yes, because nowadays the… as the development of tech, technolog gies and many movies want to show their, the knowledge. They often add some like, AR or more di, tech no… technology, technolic to show their, their {laugh}… sorry, so, they always j… in nowadays, they can show more details about their want. So, it’s very different than the past movie.

E: Thank you very much. That is the end of the speaking test.

S: Thank you.


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