Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Speaker : 76
Gender : Male
IELTS Speaking Score : 9
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2


E-examiner S-student Play
(0:07 - 0:15)
E: OK. So, I’d like you to describe an intelligent person you know.

(0:15 – 3:58)
S: Well, I’m gonna describe an intelligent person that I know of and that is Isaac Newton. Yeah, but as I think he does not need any introduction, but what he did was… he did so many things I mean. But I think he is most known for being a physicist, a scientist, a mathematician. You can put all these fancy kind of profession labels on him if you, if you like. {lip smacking noise} The why I think he is intelligent is because… well he j, just discovered so many things. Most notably he discovered gravity {lip smacking noise}, and that kind of… {noise} and that discovery sort of overshadowed other accomplishments that he had, like, invented. Should I s, use the word “invented”? He sort of… Yeah, let’s just go with “invented”. He invented calculus so that’s kind of differentiation and integration. So, he was a huge mathematician as well. And he… he also {lip smacking noise} discovered that white light is composed of seven colour. When in a, tha, that’s kind of where he shot a ray of b, white light into a, a, di, triangular prism and the light was sort of scattered into seven colours. So, he was the one who, who discovered that which was, again, another… and huge scientific{lip smacking noise} leap, scientific contribution, right. And explain how I feel about him, oh, gosh. It would, I… I don’t think I could do that in a few minutes. It’s just… I don’t think I would even have the words for it. It’s just s, completely in, inexpressible how I feel about …He was such a motivation for me to study maths, physics, when I was still at school. {lip smacking noise} T, t, t, to the point where I, I would sort of visit his grave. I mean, as you know, he is buried in the Westminster Abbey and that kind of church, abbey building is designated for royalty, royalty British monarchs’ g, graves, but Isaac Newton along with Charles Darwin are the two sort of non-royalty that are buried there just because of the tremendous contribution they made to humanity. Kind of what’s more interesting is that he, as a teacher nowadays, n, he, he’s an important reminder that you need not push your children too hard when it comes to education because, again, he is an insanely intelligent and mathematically capable person. However, he only started learning math when he was 16. And, and as you know, there is this phrase “monster parents” or “coli copter parents” where they push their children as young as, kind of, two or three years old to these tutorial classes to learn math and English languages needlessly in my opinion because Isaac Newton…

(3:58 – 4:00)
E: Do you know many intelligent people?

(4:00 – 5:31)
S: Do I know many intelligent people? Personally, yeah, I would say I do, I do. So right now, I’m, again I’m taking this course called PGDE and there are only a handful of us. To me, they are all intelligent. Because this thing with teaching English or, t, or coz, teaching in general is that you can’t just be good at your own subject, you need to always be thinking outside the box because with teaching, a lot of people mistaken that for spoon feeding, just kind of they have this sort of fixed idea that good teaching is where a teacher just talks and talks on and on about their subject and the, and the students just nod their heads, em, em, em, and then take notes and all that. But with teaching, you, you cannot do that, you have to be highly intelligent to the point where you have to get creative to sort of guide students to the correct answers rather than just giving them correct answers. Because I mean with, with technology nowadays, we have Google right? It’s, it’s, it’s no point just to be knowledgeable in, in that sense, you have to be, be more than knowledgeable in order to be, I think, considered to be k, intelligent. Yeah.


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