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Speaker : 67
Gender : Male
IELTS Speaking Score : 8
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2


E-examiner S-student Play
(0:00 – 0:15)
E: Thank you. Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one or two minutes. Before you talk, you have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand?
S: Sure.

(0:15 – 0:22)
E: OK. So, I’d like you to describe an intelligent person you know.
(0:22 – 2:09)
S: If I have to really describe a person that is intelligent and the person that I actually know, I would say the person would be my mentor, professor, XXX, actually. He is a lingui, he is a literature, a li, a literature professor at XX University. He is actually my lecturer as well as my advisor for the past three years. One major reason I think he is intelligent is because, well, he is a professor, so he is naturally intelligent. He’s been working in the literature field for over 30 years, and he has actually in the published books about different forms of literature. But the main reason why I think that he is intelligent is because he simply knows just the right words to say whenever you have some s, form of emotion. He, when he first taught me in year two, he immediately knew that I was a feeling that, I wasn’t feeling that well during class s, or when I saw my results or even when I was thinking about some form of literatured question. So, he immediately came over and talked to me about it and helped me gain into the… gain a lot more perspective about this particular… about literature, and about different forms of usage in English. And in my fourth year, he actually helped me, advised me on my final year project. He actually gave me different directions and he told me about different forms of history. So, to my {lip smacking noise} own personal views, I think he is actually very intelligent, and he is the one who actually gave me most perspective. And I am, I would say eternally grateful as well as {lip smacking noise} I think that I actually am very lucky to meet such an intelligent person.

(2:17 – 2:47)
E: Thank you. Thank you. Do you know many intelligent people?
S: S, I not that sure, because I would think most people I know in my field or in my line of work, or even in my life, are normal, are normal people, or actually people of normal intelligence. But if I have to really say, I would say that not many people are intelligent, are on medium average intelligence, but not very intelligent in my own, in my own sense.


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