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Speaker : 63
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3


E-examiner S-student
(3:33 – 4:23)
E: We’ve been talking about a well-known person that you like or admire. And I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related to this. Let’s consider, first of all, famous people in your country. What kind of people become famous nowadays?
S: These days in my country people become famous are politicians I should say, because since the time we’ve entered into democracy they’ve come into a lot of media attention, and they’ve… because of their, the manner, they, their… the way they’ve been doing things for the betterment of the country. They’ve come into a lot of attention. And also with the im, with the improving media of… in my country, the stars over there... movie stars have come into great attention.

(4:23 – 5:04)
E: Why do you think politicians and movie starts are, are famous and popular throughout the world?
S: Movie stars undoubt… movie stars and singers undoubtedly are famous all over the world because of what they do, they entertain people, and the way they do things. And politicians, I think, gain attention of… on… to… tend, tend to gain attention on their, on their take over the country, of what they are doing for the betterment of the world… for the betterment of the country, sorry, and what steps they are taking {lip smacking} to do much better, or how they’re going about it.

(5:04 – 5:37)
E: How would you compare the famous people today with the famous people of the past?
S: Big difference between the two. Back then, there wasn’t so much of media attention. I could say so. As far as I know, people used to be… people used… famous people used to con… they used to be role models, and they used to be good role models. But these days, famous people are role models, yet for many of them, students as well as adults, but can we call them all good models? I don’t think so.

(5:37 – 6:04)
E: So, do you really think that famous people in the past behaved better or is it just that we don’t know what they did?
S: {Examiner’s speech inaudible} I, it’s probably a bit of both. They behaved on my… they behaved a lot better, because since we’ve, we’ve become more advanced these days, we can do what we feel like. These days of more celebrities and famous people they take things for granted and do, do what they like.

(6:04 – 6:24)
E: What kinds of people do you think will be famous in the future?
S: F, continuing to be movie stars and singers, and some people who really make changes to the world. Could, I could say so. Other than that…

(6:24 – 6:50)
E: Do you mention that in the future, maybe people who are more worthy of fame will become famous, like scientists, and writers?
S: Up till some extent, yes, because if, if they are really… if they’re really covered, I mean, they are really… they really put themselves out to the world, then, yes, they could get famous, but I would still say, not as much as, pe… not as much as celebrities.

(6:50 – 7:30)
E: OK, let’s go on and talk about celebrity culture. For example, how are famous people used in advertising?
S: Famous people are used in… they, they are used in advertising these days for a lot. We can see football stars. Almost all the sports stars are into advertising, including, including the movie stars and singers as well. The way they put they… the way they put themselves. Because they are famous people… the marketing people think that they are going to {lip smacking} get… they are going to… they will sell their product much better.

(7:30 – 7:44)
E: What, why is that, do you think?
S: Because of… Like I said before, because they are their role models. So, people will think that ‘oh, he is doing that, so I can do that as well’. And people will tend to follow their footsteps.

(7:44 – 7:57)
E: Do you think people really do that? That they would buy something because of famous people?
S: Yes, I do {Examiner’s speech inaudible} sometimes. Advertisement makes a lot of big difference to sales. I’ve been there, and I can say yes, they do quite often.

(7:57 – 8:30)
E: Do you think that there could be some negative effects of this culture of celebrity on young people especially?
S: Yes, to a great extent. There has been a lot of because people take celebrities as their role models, and the celebrities have misused their fame and power and money up to such a do… do, do things that they should not. Sometimes yes, I think they… it will create a negative effect on… especially on young people, more, {Thank you} more than adults.

(8:30 – 8:34)
E: Alright. Thank you very much, XXX. That’s the end of the speaking test.
S: Thank you.


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