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Speaker : 62
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2


E-examiner S-student Play
E: OK. So, I’d like you to describe an intelligent person you know. Alright, remember, you have one to two minutes for this. So, don’t worry if I stop you. I will tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now, please?
S: OK, so an intelligent person that I know, her name is Vanessa, and I, I knew her I think like nine or ten years ago, in secondary school, and she was my friend, and also now my volleyball teammate, the fact that I play volleyball. And she is a very intelligent person I think because the first thing is that she study the physiotherapy. So, physiotherapy is a very like study, like study-demanding s, subject, and not many people can get into this subject in Hong Kong which… I think her study mode and her like… She absorb many knowledge all the time, and I think she is quite intelligent. And secondly, I think she have many like big insights from time to time. She is a person that likes to think of a lot of things for example she always think of the meaning of life or like why do people like have to fight for their life, and she read a lot of books from, from like different like a wide spectrum of topics. So, I think this insight had lead her to become a intelligent person. And I think she is also very smart in some way, for example when we are playing some games, she can always think of some tricks or like shortcuts to make s, the game easier or she always win in some way, and in that sense, I think she is a very intelligent person. And I’m very, I very… I admire her a lot and I really respected her because I think she is a very hardworking person. And she also doesn’t like show off a lot, but I think she is a very intelligent person.

E: Thank you. Thank you. Do you know many intelligent people?
S: I, I think I don’t know a lot intelligent people because for me, myself, I think I’m not that smart and I think my friends near me are not that smart either. Yeah, and w, because we’re like on the same, on the same channel or in the same level, so I think there aren’t many like smart person.


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