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Speaker : 61
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student Play
E: So, do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a student.

E: Oh, what do you study?
S: I’m a final year student from The XX University of XX, and I study Special Education and the English Language.

E: Why did you choose to study this subject?
S: At first, I choose Special Education because I think it is a very meaningful field, and I think people… there are like… people lacking in Hong Kong; therefore, I choose this field according to my interest. And then I choose English because I would like to have an extra… like experience or extra … extra things to know. Therefore, I choose English as my, like, second language to study.

E: Now let’s move on to talk about picnics. Did you go on picnics when you were a child?
S: When I were… when I was a child, I think I did not go to picnic a lot, because my parents are not that free as they have to work, and I still have other siblings and they have to take care of them, but sometimes we do go out to, like, have some road trip, like, … because our family have cars, so we might go road trips, but seldom for picnic.

E: How often do you go on picnics now?
S: Now, because of the pandemic, I think I nearly, like, never went on a picnic or the… maybe half a year? Because like … we are encouraged to stay in our home, to, like, avoid having contacts with other for spreading the virus therefore I think I never went to a picnic for, like, I think, half a year.

E: Oh, what is, what is the difference between having a picnic and cooking at home?
S: Well… having a picnic and cooking at home… so, I’ll say for going on a picnic, we definitely prepare the food beforehand, but when cooking at home, I think we can add or we can, like, have access to many like cooking utensu, utensils. So, for example if I would like to cook for a dinner, I… after I cook it, and then I can add things like … if it’s not salty enough, I can add salt or like pepper, but for picnic, because we are bringing the food outside, therefore, we cannot do many amendment on the food, like, we cannot change a lot. Therefore, I think the food of… the food that we bring to picnic are like prepared… like pre-prepared, but for cooking at home, they are like we can change the … {choked} sorry, we can ch, change them in within.

E: Do people in your country like to go on picnics?
S: I’ll say not quite many of them go on a picnic, but when I look on my, like, social media platform, I do see some of the girls or boys who are with similar age with me, they went on picnics sometimes, for maybe photograph. But for people older in Hong Kong, I think they more li kely to go on hikings more than picnics because maybe they would don’t want to bring as much things, or maybe they think hiking is more an interesting, interesting activity to do rather than just sitting there and eating.

E: Now let’s talk about sports. Sports, do you like sports?
S: Yes, I actually played volleyball for quite a long time already.

E: Do you watch sports matches?
S: Yes. I, I do watch sports matches, so a, as I said, I play volleyball but I don’t only watch volleyball matches. I , I remember it was like 2012, I’m not sure, but that was the World Cup, so like, football matches, so I was really into football that time and I just watch the football matches for, like, I think at least half of them, and I found them very interesting although someone might say it’s very boring to watch for like 90 minutes of a match. Yes, and als, I also watch like badminton matches because my family plays badminton, and also the, like, the Olympics before, and the Winter Olympics now, I also s, do watch some of them.

E: What is your favorite sport?
S: Yeah, so as I said, I, I play volleyball for a long time, so I think yeah, my favorite sport is volleyball, so I did play quite a few different sports like running or, or like badminton, but I think volleyball really can help us to, like, build a connection with other, with my teammates, so as I like getting in touch with people, so I think volleyball is my favorite sport and it’s very challenging for me too.


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