Fluency & Coherence

Speaker : 60
Gender : Male
IELTS Speaking Score : 7.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student Play
(0:00 – 0:09)
E: Let’s talk about what you do. Do you work or are you a student?
S: Yes. I am both actually. I work part time as well as a student.

(0:09 – 0:17)
E: What job do you do?
S: I am an bureau controller. I control the bureau in a, a property management company.

(0:17 – 0:27)
E: Do you meet interesting people in your job?
S: Not many, but yes. Sometimes I have to visit the banks and the sites, so, yes, I do.

(0:27 – 0:33)
E: How long have you been doing this sort of work?
S: For a year and a half now.

(0:33 – 0:40)
E: Let’s go on to talk about friends now. Are your friends mostly your age or different ages?
S: No, many different ages.

(0:40 – 1:00)
E: Why?
S: Well, it changes… It’s basically because I am not from this place. I am from Bag Nepal. And when I came here, I met people from my country as well as people from different places at work and at different places, so they are all over the place.

(1:00 – 1:16)
E: Do you usually see your friends during the week or at weekends?
S: It depends, but I see them more over the week, I think, for friends at work… after-work drinks and things like that, so, yeah, all throughout the week.

(1:16 – 1:35)
E: OK. The last time you saw your friends, what did you do together?
S: We went out for a movie last Saturday. There was this interesting movie that we heard that was out on due date, so we all decided to go for it, and it was pretty nice.

(1:35 – 1:57)
E: In what ways are your friends important to you?
S: Oh, they are very important to me, because I hate to be lonely. I need to talk to someone every now and then, because I can’t just sit. Not to say do nothing, but I need someone to confront and talk to, so I hold them. I give them a great importance in my life.

(1:57 – 2:12)
E: I’d like to move on and talk about food and cooking now. What kind of food do you like to eat?
S: I like Asian food quite a lot, because its, it… because of its taste, its variety and things like that.

(2:12 – 2:24)
E: What kind of new food would you like to try?
S: That would be French, pure French food I would like to say {Why}.

(2:24 – 2:37)
E: Why?
S: I’ve heard a lot about it, but… because of its taste, its originality. So, but I haven’t got a chance to have the original French food as yet. So, yeah, I would like to try that.

(2:37 – 2:42)
E: Do you like cooking?
S: No, that’s not just my cup of tea, not at all.

(2:42 – 3:21)
E: Why not?
S: I don’t know. I’ve been here for three years now, and I am a single. I live along with my friends, but it just does not come into me, even when I enter the kitchen, I think. I go grocery shopping, and I do things, but once I enter the kitchen, I just end up making some noodles and stew many food, and that’s it. I end up, I end up having that. But I have never gone into cooking. And one interesting thing, I don’t know the taste of salt. So I, I don’t know. I… If I cook, and I call my friends over, it would be a disaster.

(3:21 – 3:32)
E: What was the last meal you cooked?
S: That was, that was tough. Pu… Just noodles again, I would say… no, pasta! {laughter} Two minutes food again.


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