Fluency & Coherence

Speaker : 52
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2
  E-examiner S-student Play
(0:05 - 0:18)
E: I am now going to give you a topic, and I’d like you to talk about it for 1 to 2 minutes. Before you talk, you have a minute to think about what you are going to say, and you can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand {Sure}?
S: Yes, I understand.

(0:18 - 0:28)
E: I’d like you talk, to talk about a building that you have seen that impressed you. Remember you have one minute prepare this, prepare for this. So I will tell you when the minute is up. Yeah.
S: OK.

(1:28 – 1:31)
E: Thank you. Could you start speaking now, please?
(1:31 – 2:48)
S: OK, I’d like to tell you something about the library in my high school. It was a red building that is made of bricks. And the one thing special about this building is they have this big arch in front of the steps of the library. And the arch is shaped as an opened book. It was a very elegant one. And when you walk into the door of this library, you’ll see this courtyard. And right above this courtyard, is a transparent roof. So, when it… like, in sunny weather, the sunshine will just split everywhere in the library, because every level of this building is, is constructed around this courtyard’s shape. It’s very beautiful. And on the highest floor, there is this roof garden right below this transparent roof. So, it, like, no matter what, like… In the rainy days, or in the sunny days, the garden is one of my best place in… one of my most favorite place in my high school, because the view there is af, definitely gorgeous. And I think the other reason why I love this building so much is because I’ve had so many good memories there to spend with my friends and my teachers. That would be all. Thank you.

(2:48 – 2:52)
E: Can you say a little more about that?
S: My buil, this building?

E: Uh-huh.
(2:52 – 3:32)
S: OK, this… I would like to talk about the design, because it’s one of the awarded building in my province. The design a… As I told you, there’s this courtyard. So the first floor, when you walked right below this courtyard, there is this wall where the, this kind of sculpture that is curved on the wall. It’s about students and teachers. It’s a very… The work is very delicate, and it’s a very beautiful picture, picture in there. And I, I think I’ll use the word, ‘behind this wall’, sorry. Behind this wall, there is this meeting hall. And when I was studying in that high school…

(3:32 – 3:38)
E: Thank you. {OK} Your time is up. Are your friends or family equally impressed by this building?
S: Yes.

(3:38 – 3:340
E: OK, thank you.


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