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Speaker : 51
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student
E: Now I am going to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s start with what you do. Do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a students, a university student right now.

E: What do you study?
S: I’m studying at the… English education, which is actually a double degree program with language study as well as the English education. So…

E: Why did you choose to study this subject?
S: So, it's basically linked to what I wanna do when I get older, 'coz some, somehow my dream job is to become a teacher and I love English. So that's why I'm studying at this subject to prepare me… for… getting the skills as become a future teacher, yeah.

E: So, do you prefer studying in the morning or in the afternoon?
S: I prefer to stay in the mornings. Yeah, 'coz I kinda like a… morning bird. Yeah, I, I feel like in the morning it’s more quiet, and I can be more focus. Yeah.

E: Now, let’s talk about change. Do you like changes?
S: Not really. I, I'm that kind of person who, who like to keep things… k… the same all the time, 'coz you know sometime unexpected changes can make me feeling so anxious, but I'm willing to try to step out… of my comfort zone a bit, yeah.

E: Are there any changes in your hometown?
S: Any change… I believe yes. Like every day different kind of news tell us the changes in Hong Kong. So, I believe there must be some changes… day by day, yeah.

E: Thank you. Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: Oh, yes. I, I think I did change a lot as well, like through different kind of experience. You go through a lot of things and somehow you just can't control. But you, you still change like become tough, more tough and stronger, but there’s also something that I’m, s, hol, strongly hold still that I won't change, like, some of my belief, yeah.

E: What do you plan to change in the next year?
S: Want to change in the next year… Probably… to be… my personality, some type of my personality. I wanna challenge myself a bit more. I want to… change myself to challenge myself become more… more brave and to be more fearless to do something that I wanna do. Yeah.

E: Now, let’s talk about weekends. What do you usually do on the weekends?
S: Weekends. Most of the time, I would just do some like… sometimes I would ask my friend to go hiking and sometime maybe I'll go to the church, and we will sing hymns and just do some… play some board games together. Yeah.

E: Did you do anything special last weekend?
S: Last weekend, yes, I went hiking and for a whole day and I feel really, really tired because we didn't plan to walk through the, the entire day. We plan to leave by a, by the boat, but then missed the, missed the schedule. So that's why we walked till very late at night and we are all tired, but it was very happy actually.

E: What will you do next weekend?
S: Next weesken, next weekend. Oh, it’s almost Christmas, right? So… I will have two Christmas party, one is with my church sister and brothers, and another one is with my family. Yeah.

E: Do you prefer spending your weekends with your family or friends?
S: Wow, this one is really a tough one. I prefer to spend time with… can I choose both? OK, maybe I'll choose friends right now. 'coz you know, sometime when you‘re being with your friends, you can… really… feel more relax and you can… Yeah, you know, being with family is another thing. We also feel very warm and cozy with them, like, sometime you feel like you don't really… talk in the same channel and then yes, s… … I feel like being friends is more relaxing for me. Yeah.


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