Fluency & Coherence

Speaker : 50
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 7
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student
E: So, do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a student now.

E: Oh, what do you study?
S: I’m studying language studies and English major.

E: Why did you choose to study this subject?
S: Because I love languages since I was a child and I have studied English for more than ten years, and I choose this subject to enhance my English proficiency.

E: Now let’s move on to talk about picnics. Did you go on picnics when you were a child?
S: Well, I seldom go on picnics, when… I seldom went on picnics when I was a child because I didn’t really like going outside when I was a child. I’d rather stay at home and watching TV for fun.

E: How often do you go on picnics now?
S: Now I sometimes go on picnics with my friends when I’m free or… when I want to… get attached to the nature.

E: What is the difference between having a picnic and cooking at home?
S: I think the major difference is about… s… planning ahead. Because when you are plan… when you are planning to go for a picnic, you need al, you need also plan to… what kind of food you need to bring, because you need to take it outside to eat it. But when you are cooking at home, you can… just think about something you want to eat and then… cook it directly.

E: Do people in your country like to go on picnics?
S: I think I… not living in a country who usually have this kind of picnic culture because… we don’t have lots of grasses or gardens in… our countries.

E: Now let’s talk about sports. Sports, do you like sports?
S: I think overall speaking… I like sports but… I’m not really… doing sports that kind of much.

E: Do you watch sports matches?
S: I think… I seldom watch sports matches because… I’m not really a people who are fond of games and also the competitions, really makes me feel nervous.


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