Speaker : 42
Gender : Male
IELTS Speaking Score : 6.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2


E-examiner S-student
(0:17 – 0:18)
E: Now, I am going to give you a topic, and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you have a minute to think about what you are going to say. And you can make some notes if you want.
S: OK.

(0:17 – 0:18)
E: Do you understand?
S: Yeah.

(0:18 – 0:28)
E: Here is the paper, right. I’d like you to talk about a building that you’ve seen that impressed you. {yeah} Remember you have a minute to prepare. So, I will tell you when the minute is up.
(1:28 – 1:32)
E: Thank you. Can you start speaking now, please?

(1:32 – 3:31)
S: The most impressive building I saw is… I, I didn’t literally saw it, but I saw like, the pictures and the model in a gallery, like, art gallery, in Sanlitun. The designer was called Michael or something, a f, a French guy. And it’s a wine place, like, they have all kinds, all different kinds of wine in the building. And you know, the shape of the outside of the building is…They, they got the idea from when, when people pouring wine into a cup, so it’s all like smooth streamline shape. And it’s not like normal building that have, like, you know, straight, straight sides and edges. And it’s kind of out of box of normal design. And beside that, you know, that exhibition of the architecture have like, all kinds of different buildings, you know. Like, say, they have a small center. It was a idea. And it shows the process of the designing, like, from the start, like, what I saw is just scratching randomly, but I can see from step to step, from the scratch to the actual design. And like, another thing is, you know, how they have this different shape, and that makes a engineering and architecture part really difficult. So like, one of his building is like inverse cone that have like, only four square meters attached the ground, and the top is like 50 square meter or something. I don’t know. I’m just guessing, but it was really impressive.

(3:31 – 3:42)
E: Thank you. Your time is up. Are your friends or family equally impressed by this building?
S: They haven’t seen it, i. I saw it during my course of art and design.

(3:42 – 3:43)
E: OK. Thank you.

Pronunciation guide: 
- /ɫ/: also known as the dark ‘l’, which is ‘l’ pronounced in syllable-final position


Feature List


All / None

1. Letters in purple contain consonant features.
2. Letters in green contain vowel features.
3. Letters in red contain features with syllable structure change.
4. Words in blue contain mispronunciation features.
5. Words in pink contain features with word stress.
6. Letters highlighted in light green contain features with consonant-vowel linking.