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Speaker : 32
Gender : Male
IELTS Speaking Score : 6
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3


E-examiner S-student
(0:05 - 0:47)
E: We’ve been talking about a well-known person that you admire, and I’d like to discuss with you one or two more general questions related to this. {OK} Let’s consider, first of all, famous people in your country. {Yeah} What kind of people become famous in China?
S: You know, those actors, especially the movie actors, and the sports ac, sorry, the movie actors and the sports stars. They are very famous now in China, because they can be seen by the people every day during the movie, on the advertisements. They can be seen all the times, so they are very famous. And those people who are very rich and who has, who had a really… a big company, and they can… they are also, you know, on the TV, on the news, so they are very famous as well.

(0:47 – 1:38)
E: What’s different about people who were famous in the past with people who are famous these days?
S: Those… I think those people who are very famous in the past are very great, because they, they do a lot to change the world, just like Newton, Einstein. And you know, they found, they found new logics. They found new, new way about building a socie… building af… a new thing, so they are very famous. But now, the people who are very, very famous just because of… because only they are very rich, and they, they, they act well, and they do a really job about sports. So, I think now we just focus more on the real things but not the things before. We just like the people who can, who can, who can do a great job but not to change the world, now.

(1:38 – 2:18)
E: Is that a problem?
S: I think in now… in this way, wha, some, somehow it can, you know, change the, the way of we see the world. Especially, to the children, “ah”, they say just “ah”, movie stars is good; sports stars is good, but they don’t admire those scientists, and maybe they just… “in future, I just want to be a, a movie star” and “I just want be a sports star”, but if all the children are do… will do that, will act as a movie star, who will change our world? Who will change… make our th, world better? So, that’s it.

(2:18 – 2:42)
E: So, what kind of people may become famous in the future?
S: Those people win the future… I think because of… because we have high level of education, we are well-educated, so I think all of us want to have a beautiful world in the future. So, maybe in the future, we will admire those people who can change our world, can make our worlds better and more beautiful.

(2:42 – 3:12)
E: You mentioned Newton and Einstein. {Yeah} These days people tend to be famous for just a short time. {Yeah} Do you think in the future, this will continue?
S: I mean… You mean the, the, th, the people who can, who can… scientists? Yeah, I think… No, I think they can be famous for a long, very long time, just like Einstein and Newton. They are famous all the time, but not only for a s, several years or several tens of years.

(3:12 – 3:42)
E: Why?
S: Because their job is great, it’s great for all the time. But you know, in my, my parents’ generation, they know some… they knew some, you know, movie stars, but I do not watch their movies. I don’t even met them… meet them, so I, I can know who they are. I, I just know the people and the, the movie stars in my generation. So, I think because their job are not, are not on all the time, so they cannot be famous for all the time.

(3:42 – 3:46)
E: Let’s talk about being in the public eye.
S: OK.

(3:46 – 4:46)
E: Are there more advantages to being famous? Or are there more disadvantages?
S: You know, it’s really a hard question, and it depends on different people. Those people who are very… who like to be famous, I think it’s really a good choice to be a famous person, because they can be focus by other people every day, and they can use, use, use the fi, reputation to gain a lot of profit, a lot of money. I think in… in their eyes, it’s really a good thing to, to be famous, but those people who, wh, who want to be s, silent… you know, who want to have a silence, maybe for them, it’s n, not a, a good way to, to be famous, because they can be seen by that people every day, you know, even during the worki… during the normal time. They go to sho… they go shopping. They go to work. On the way, some people find them. “Ah, is you’re a movie star. Please give me signature”, or, or just things like that. It’s will… it’s, it’s not convenient for them to do that, so…

(4:47 – 4:51)
E: Thank you very much, X. This is the end of the speaking test.


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