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Speaker : 3
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1
  E-examiner S-student
E: Now I am going to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s start with what you do. Do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a student. {Uh what…} I…

E: What, what do you study?
S: My major is… my major is product design and I will graduate from XX South University this year. And… En.

E: Why did you choose to study this subject?
S: Because when I was a little children, I was very interested in painting, and I have learned for many years. And I think I’m good at painting, and I think design is related to… {inaudible}.

E: OK, about study, with that. OK, so, alright, so, let’s go back then. So, do you prefer studying in the morning or in the afternoon?
S: I prefer to study in the afternoon because I used to be sleepy in the morning. I think sleep enough time and it’s very useful for me to study hard.

E: Now, let’s talk about change. Do you like changes?
S: I think this question is hard to answer. On the one hand, I think… now I am very young. Change is very… changes means very possible for me. But on the other hand, I’m very satisfied for my life.

E: Are there any changes in your hometown?
S: My hometown have… my hometown have change the many different upsides for… in these few years. For example, more and more entertainment facilities have built in my hometown, such as swimming pool, shopping mall. And my hometown’s transportation will have more and more improvement.

E: Thank you. Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: Could you please repeat this question?

E: Of course. Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: Yeah, I think when I was a little children, I always talk about cartoon TV with my friends and most of time I played with my friends, such as play balls and swimming. But now I’m a university student. In my daily life, I always talk about my homework or my friend’s relationship with my friends or family.

E: Thank you. Now, let’s talk about sports. Do you like to do sports?
S: Most of time, I think do exercises is good for my health. But I think some sports is very hard for me, such as swimming or… or playing tennis.


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