Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Speaker : 29
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 6
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1
  E-examiner S-student
E: So, I am going to ask you a few questions about yourself. Let’s begin with work or studies. So, do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a student. I’m learning lang, linguistics in XX, in XX.

E: Why did you choose to study this?
S: Actually, English is not my, my major. My major is… is, I stu… I’m studying in a bilingual school. My major is German and English. And why I choose English is because I have already learn it for over 20 years, you know {laughter}. So, I want to be more expert in this area.

E: Do you think this subject is interesting?
S: Yeah, yes, definitely yes, because I choose this majors totally because interest, not the re… recommend from my parents or other people. I, as a… as a primary school, I have… I have… I’m keen on… I’m keen on language and I like the American dramas. Yep.

E: Now, let’s move on to talk about change. Do you like change?
S: Actually not. I like to have a s… have a fix, fixed circle of stuff or friends. I {lip smacking noise} I’m kind of hate change. Yep.

E: Are there any changes in your hometown?
S: Probably, but {cough} I… I haven’t been my hometown for… for over 2 years, I think, because now, I’m preparing my examination in XX. So, but I… I think it’s must have some… something change there. I, I have heard s… My… my grandma, my grandma told me that we have the… we have the high-speed way, way station there. Yeah.

E: Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: I, so, so sorry, could you please re…repeat it?

E: Sure. Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: Yep, of course, because I’m more mature now. And…with… with… And I have been to many places so, from the… I think I have… my, my view have changed a lot. The… My opinion towards, towards event or the current affairs… I have my own opinion now. But in my childhood, I…I just follow they…the opinions… they… my parents give…giveme the…their, their judgment.

E: What do you plan to change next year?
S: I hope I can…I can…I hope I can pass the IELTS {laughter} next year {laughter}, because this because this…the score I am not really satisfied. So, I want to change the score. But, I…I try, I…I…takes… I took some lesson… lessons to, to help me to improve…improve my English. Yep.

E: Thank you. Now, let’s talk about sports. Do you like sports?
S: Yep, because I think I’m keen on sports, especially, especially volleyball because I think sports can help… can help me… can help me keep healthy and it can help me become more socialized
. It’s…it’s easier to make friends when you play sports with others.


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Grammatical Range & Accuracy

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1. A word/phrase with a strikethrough (e.g. the) is represented redundant.
2. ^ indicates a word/phrase needs to be added, and a suggested answer is given in brackets below the symbol.
3. For an inappropriate word/phrase, a suggested answer is provided below the corresponding word/phrase.