Speaker : 28
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 6
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student
(0:00 – 0:22)
E: Now in the first part, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about what you do. Do you work? Or are you a student?
S: I am currently housewife, but I used to work in, in England and Japan.

(0:22 – 0:30)
E: What was your job?
S: I used to work for office, and just do administration in Japan.

(0:30 – 0:45)
E: Why did you choose that kind of work?
S: I was good at computer that time and then also my friend al… went to the same company, so that’s gre, good fun as well.

(0:45 – 1:04)
E: What did you enjoy about your job?
S: Actually, it was a university job, so looking after students and then sometimes having fun with students. It’s quite nice.

(1:04 – 1:27)
E: Let’s talk about food. What’s your favorite kind of food?
S: Well, I think my favorite f… food is Japanese food. Specially I realize it’s quite nice. Wh, when I live in England, it’s… I can’t eat very often, so I realized that’s special.

(1:27 – 1:37)
E: Who normally prepares the food in your home?
S: As I’m a housewife, so I do all the time. Yes.

(1:37 – 1:44)
E: Why?
S: I don’t have job at moment, so that’s kind of my job.

(1:44 – 2:00)
E: Do you often eat in restaurants or cafes?
S: Not very much because we have children, so it’s quite difficult to go to restaurant, but if we have chance, yes, we al, always try. Yeah.

(2:00 – 2:17)
E: Did you ever do any cooking when you were a child?
S: Yes, actually. When I was child, my parents are working, so I often help them and cook for my fa, family, so I did, yes.

(2:17 – 2:45)
E: Let’s talk about spending time outdoors. How much time do you spend outdoors?
S: O, one or couple hours every day because I have to take my children out. Actually myself, I don’t like very much being outside, but i… that’s quite important and well actually quite nice especially the weather is nice. Yeah.

(2:45 – 3:08)
E: What do you enjoy doing outdoors?
S: Just play with the children and then as… it’s quite a hard work, but after all I feel really better. Yeah, get, get some fresh air, I think that makes me better, I think. Yeah.

(3:08 – 3:27)
E: Do you think you will spend more or less time outdoors in future?
S: {Sigh} In future, I guess less than now coz I, I s, I like stay indoors, so that’s the reason. Yes.

(3:27 – 3:52)
E: Do you think it is important for people to spend time outdoors?
S: I think so, specially, when you stay indoor, s… your mind quite stuck, but when you go outside and then get some fresh air, I think people get really clear mind and that really good for people.

Pronunciation guide: 
- /ɫ/: also known as the dark ‘l’, which is ‘l’ pronounced in syllable-final position


Feature List


All / None

1. Letters in purple contain consonant features.
2. Letters in green contain vowel features.
3. Letters in red contain features with syllable structure change.
4. Words in blue contain mispronunciation features.
5. Words in pink contain features with word stress.
6. Letters highlighted in light green contain features with consonant-vowel linking.