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Speaker : 26
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3
  E-examiner S-student
E: So, we’ve been talking about a film that makes you think a lot. And I’m going to ask you a few questions related to this. Let’s begin with, first of all, types of film. So, what do you think makes a good film?
S: I think there’re two main reasons. For one thing is the quality of the film. If the film is shooted in… with high quality, the public will like to watch it. And for another thing I think is the… the promotion and advertisement the film made before h it is on… play on the cinema.

E: Why do you think that was important to make it a good film? Why promotion would be an important part to the good film?
S: OK, OK, I s… got it. Because the people sometimes would choose to watch the film at the cinema because it has a big discount. It… this is for the… for one thing. And for another thing, people will think the advertisement will attract he… them to have a good feeling or good… good feeling to have… to watch the film in the cinema.

E: Is the film industry important in your country?
S: Sorry, in… in where?

E: Is the, is the film industry important for your country?
S: Me… I don’t think so for… because I think people will… in China people normally choose to the film with high… how can I say it, maybe pic… in country… in China people normally choose to watch the film in the big place instead of industries.

E: What kinds of films are very popular in your country?
S: I think there are th… three main kinds of it. For one thing, it … ti… it can be the romantic film, and for second one it should be the film about the… some social things. And for the third type, I think it should be the horror film.

E: Why do you think these three types are most popular?
S: For the romantic film, because the audience of the film in my country are normally the younges… youngesters. And they are normally the couples, and they would like to watch some romantic film to have a reflection or leave a memory with their close people. And for the film about the social things, {inaudible} people will think it will provide them reflection or some information of what is happening in the country now. And for the third type, the horror film, people some {noise} times would like to have some incentives in their lives, and they would like to choose the horror film to gain some mo… motivations in their lives.

E: Thank you. How do you think films have changed since the past? Are there any differences?
S: I think definite yes. There are… there are many chance for the quality of the film. Firstly, of… for the quality of the films, they have improve a lot, both from the voice and the scenes. And for another thing, they… well… the story tell from the movie, they... it can tell people some lesson from it instead of just showing a story without any reflections.

E: Thank you XX. That is the end of speaking test.

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