Fluency & Coherence

Speaker : 20
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 2
  E-examiner S-student
E: Now I am going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. e.g.
S: OK.

E: Before you talk, you have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand?
S: OK.

E: OK. So, I’d like to describe a place where you are able to relax.
E: Alright, remember, you have one to two minutes for this. So, don’t worry if I stop you. I will tell you when the time is up. Can you start speaking now please?
S: OK. If you ask me a place where I am able to relax, I must admit that I will choose cinema. During my college years, I, I used to go to cinema once or twice a week. And, I w… always went there alone {laugh}. In the cinema, I can, I can enjoy a film or en, enjoy a film, enjoy a movie with the… with, wi, with some strangers. Maybe I don’t know who they are, but we can… we have the, we have the {laugh} similar feeling at the same time. And if you ask me why I feel relax there, I must admit that I believe cinema would be a escape for me from the… from the hustle and bustle, from the real life. {laugh} {laugh} {laugh} {noise} And with regards the future, I, I, if, s, i, i, if sometimes I…

E: Thank you. Do you often relax in this way?
S: Yes, yes, it’s true.


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