Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Speaker : 17
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1


E-examiner S-student
(0:22 – 1:10)
E: Thank you. Thank you. That’s fine. Now, in this first part, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about where you live. What do you like most about your hometown or, or city?
S: Well, I live in Tashkent. It’s the capital of Uzbekistan. So, I love my city, because it’s very beautiful, with beautiful parks, gardens, and beautiful underground stations, because our underground stations are very popular with its architectural design, so…

(1:10 – 1:39)
E: So, is your home city a popular place for tourists to visit?
S: I don’t think so. Just, we try to, develop our tour, touristic industry, and just, we have some tourists, not like in America or in England, but we try to encourage it.

(1:39 – 2:07)
E: Has your home city changed much in recent years?
S: Yeah, just over last two decades, it’s, our city ch, changed very much and we have a lot of new modern buildings and a restaurants, hotels. So, over, over the last years, it’s really changed.

(2:07 – 3:04)
E: Thank you. Now, let’s talk about writing. What different types of writing do you do? For example, letters, emails, reports, or essays.
S: I, I prefer to email... I prefer to connect by email with my friends, with my family. And sometimes I prefer to write letters by myself, because it’s very actual. I think it’s from… if you send a letter, for, by yourself, and it means that you’re, you, you’re very... appreciate this, this person.

(3:04 – 3:28)
E: Do you prefer writing with a pen or using a computer?
S: I sometime, it depends on the situation. For example, for my studies, I prefer computer, to type in computer, but for my essays, I prefer to write by pen.

(3:28 – 3:51)
E: Why?
S: Because I feel more comfortable when I, when I try to explain, my, some things which I want to say. It’s more comfortable and easy to write it yourself.

(3:51 – 4:12)
E: Do you write more now, or less than you did a few years ago?
S: I think, {laugh} less, because technology nowadays are her… really go fast, so…

(4:12 – 4:33)
E: And do you like to write stories or poems?
S: Not actually {laugh}, just, I like, to write, my o, opinions, my view, for example, about the world, about animals, about persons.

(4:33 – 5:05)
E: Thank you. Let’s talk about music. How often do you, do you listen to music?
S: Usually, every day, I listen to music, because it, it gives me energy, and it gives me some feeling, and it is very important for me to listen.


Feature List

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

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1. A word/phrase with a strikethrough (e.g. the) is represented redundant.
2. ^ indicates a word/phrase needs to be added, and a suggested answer is given in brackets below the symbol.
3. For an inappropriate word/phrase, a suggested answer is provided below the corresponding word/phrase.