Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Speaker : 16
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1
  E - examiner S - student Play
(0:00 – 0:12)
E: Now, in this first part, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. Let’s talk about where you live. Do you live in a house or a flat?
S: I live in a house.

(0:12 – 0:24)
E: What do you like about your house?
S: Partly because it’s a house, it’s big, and I’ve got my own room, a lot of space, yeah.

(0:24 – 0:34)
E: What is the area like where you live?
S: It’s like quiet area, and only families live in this area.

(0:34 – 0:53)
E: Would you recommend this area as a place to live for young people?
S: Not really because…

E: Why not?
S: There’re only families living there with small children, and we can’t... can be really loud because {Uh-huh} annoying sometimes, yeah.

(0:53 – 0:57)
E: Can we talk about your family? Are you happy to do that?
S: Yes.

(0:57 – 1:01)
E: Do you have a large family or a small family?
S: Small family.

(1:01 – 1:13)
E: Can you tell me something about them?
S: My father, he’s from Nigeria, and mother from the Philippines. And I’ve got a younger brother. He’s sixteen years old.

(1:13 – 1:25)
E: How much time do you manage to spend with members of your family?
S: Not much, because I didn't see them. I only talk to them once in a while {laugh}, yeah.

(1:25 – 1:35)
E: What sort of things do you like to do together?
S: I guess that’s watching TV {Uh-huh} or having dinner together.

(1:35 – 1:45)
E: Alright, let’s go on to talk about learning English. How long have you been studying English?
S: More than 8 years.

(1:45 – 1:50)
E: Where did you learn your English?
S: At home and at school.

(1:50 – 2:09)
E: What was it like?
S: At school?

E: Uh-huh.
S: Ig, it was OK. They taught us a lot. And our teachers are very strict {Uh-huh}. Well, they train us to speak correct English, learn all the grammars, yeah.

(2:09 – 2:27)
E: Is there anything you find especially difficult about learning English?
S: Grammar. It’s not really. It something sometimes really unclear to me, because... I don’t know. It’s not really .

(2:27 – 2:48)
E: What opportunities do you get to use English?
S: Opportunity.

E: Opportunities.
S: Well, English is a international language, and it’s good to speak English, because nearly everyone does understand a little bit English. So, it’s not a problem.

(2:48 – 3:12)
E: How important is English to you?
S: English is very important to me.

E: Why?
S: First of all, to communicate with other people. And as I said before, it’s international language, and it’s always good to speak more than one language.

E: Alright. Thank you.


Feature List

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

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1. A word/phrase with a strikethrough (e.g. the) is represented redundant.
2. ^ indicates a word/phrase needs to be added, and a suggested answer is given in brackets below the symbol.
3. For an inappropriate word/phrase, a suggested answer is provided below the corresponding word/phrase.