Fluency & Coherence

Speaker : 15
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1
  E-examiner S-student
E: So let’s begin with talking about your work or studies. So do you work or are you a student?
S: I’ve… I’ve been work for 2 years as a real estate woman. I mean {noise} I… I… per… {noise} I sold the… h… the house to the customers and follow the potential customer.

E: Do you like your job?
S: It’s hard to say. I like… I love my job because it can make me financial independent. But that’s… there is too much pressure for me and sometimes I just feel I can’t s… stand it and I want to quit… to quit it. But I still have to, you know, to push myself.

E: OK, thank you. Now, I would like to talk about change. Do you like changes?
S: I don’t like change very much, for the reason that change may give me a sense of un… unsafe, you know. I have to fate… I have to face the unfamiliar people or things that I may can’t, you know, deal with it well.

E: Are there many changes in your hometown?
S: Well, I have to say, there, there have… have been a lot of changes in my hometown. First… firstly, there are a lot of buildings in my hometown are built. And a lot of… a lot of, you know, the, the, the shopping… shopping cen… shopping center are there. So, I can go there with my friends after… after my holiday, yeh on my holiday. And also…

E: Have you changed a lot since your childhood?
S: Of course, I have changed a lot on my viewpoint, or even my dress style, my food choice, you know. Everybody will change after they grow up. But I have to say, childhood is the most happliest, the… period in our… in our life. So, even if there… there is… there are those changes, we still have to handle it… h… to… to… to achieve it.

E: Thank you. Thank you. Now, let’s talk about, talk about sports. Do you like sports?
S: It’s hard to say. I like sports just because it can make me… it can make me have a better, you know, physical station. And sports bring us a lot of physical benefits. But because I am too lay… too lazy, I have… there have somebody to push me to do exercise.

E: What is your favorite sport?
S: Maybe tennis. There is… there used to be a tennis court in, nearby my… my house. I used to play it with my friends after work. So, I mean, I love this sport.


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