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Speaker : 12
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5.5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 1
  E-examiner S-student
E: OK. So, so do you work or are you a student?
S: I’m a student from a university.

E: Oh, what do you study?
S: My major is media and communication.

E: Why did you choose to study this subject?
S: Because I love this major and s, since I am child, I, I love to communicat, communication with my friend and my family. So, I choose this major.

E: Now let’s move on to talk about picnics. Did you go on picnics when you were a child?
S: Yes. I often go to… go out for picnic with my family.

E: How often do you go on picnics now?
S: Now, I think maybe one month a time for … go out for picnic. And because we are so busy and I go to… I go to Beijing for my university study, so, for h… in holiday, we, we fam, family all can together and go to picnic.

E: Oh, what is, what is the difference between having a picnic and cooking at home?
S: I think go to a picnic is more, is more like you, you, you communicate with nature, and you, you, you stay there, and sometime you eat and sleep, and sleep in the nature. And I think it’s more relax. But, in, in the home and cook with family is also, is also very happy, but is no, is not… is not more relax than you stay i, in the na, nature. I think is…

E: Do people in your country like to go on picnics?
S: I think part of the, them like to go out of, go out of in picnic. But someone don’t like, and some people just like to sleep at home and play some games, and like this.

E: Now let’s talk about sports. Sports, do you like sports?
S: Yeah, I like sport because my, my father is a, is a sport teacher, and when I was a kid, he always run with me and do some sport with me. And when I grow up, and I’m … and I like facing. And I got the first place in my middle school. And, so I, so I like to do some sport.

E: Do you watch sports matches?
S: Yes. I like, I like watch the… I like watch Fe, Federer and Nadal, the Wimbledon, Wimbledon com… sorry, compcation. And I think that’s amazing… that’s amazing th, things. And when, when they are, when they are, w,h when they are play, and me and my family are always to together and we drink some tea and watch, watch them play the games.


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