Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Speaker : 11
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3
  E: examiner S: student
E: We’ve been talking about the first time you talk, talked a foreign language and I’m going to ask some questions related to this. Let’s begin with, first of all, learning languages. At what age do you think children should start learning a foreign language?
S: I think student should study a foreigner language because with the world development, foreigner language is very important for every people. So… And on the other hand, I think people study new language when he was a little children is very easy for them.

E: So, in your opinion, which skill is more important, speaking or writing?
S: I think speaking and writing both very important because speaking is very useful. Because when you have a good… when you have a good job opportunity, maybe your boss could need you to speaking a foreigner… foreigner people. And writing is also important. You need to, you need to write some ar, articles or thesis and your personal, your personal experience.

E: Do you think that people still need to learn foreign languages?
S: Could you please repeat this question?

E: Do you think people still need to learn foreign languages? {Um} Is it necessary nowadays to learn a foreign language?
S: I think this question maybe…To be specific, if you need, if you need foreigner language every day, I think you should practice them. But if you use them hardly, I think you can…

E: OK. Thank you. In your opinion, do you think that minority languages will disappear?
S: …

E: So, do you think that minority languages might disappear?
S: I don’t answer this question.

E: Thank you very much. That is the end of the speaking test.


Feature List

Grammatical Range & Accuracy

All / None

1. A word/phrase with a strikethrough (e.g. the) is represented redundant.
2. ^ indicates a word/phrase needs to be added, and a suggested answer is given in brackets below the symbol.
3. For an inappropriate word/phrase, a suggested answer is provided below the corresponding word/phrase.