Speaker : 10
Gender : Female
IELTS Speaking Score : 5
IELTS Speaking Session: Part 3
  E-examiner S-student
E: Thank you. So, we’ve been we’ve been talking about an intelligent person you know, and I am going to ask you one or two more questions related to this. Let’s consider, first of all, intelligence and character. Do you think smart people are happier than other people?
S: Let me see, see. I think yes, absolutely yes because, because they can learn something well and, and learn something fast, faster. So, they can join the… they can… they can enjoying the joy. Yeah.

E: Do you think that’s always the case?
S: Excuse me, can you say it again?

E: So, do you think that’s always the case that intelligent people are happier?
S: {noise} I’m, I… I don’t think so because… {lip smacking noise} OK, I, I think it depen… depends on Individuals, yes, because every everyone’s thought is different.

E: So, some people say smart people tend to be a bit selfish. Do you agree?
S: Yeah. I, I, I don’t agree because I think, because I think my cou, my cousin is a easygoing people. And… and they share their… their great experience with… with their friends. Yeah.

E: Why do you think some children are more intelligent than others?
S: Sorry, can you, can you say again?

E: Sure. Why do you think some children are more intelligent than others?
S: I would say they can learn things faster and they have different, different… different thought on things.

E: Can you give an example?
S: Like… like yesterday, {lip smacking noise} my cousin… I was, I… yesterday, I was playing the badminton with my friends, but I, but I can’t do very well because I think… I think in my side is a… is not a, an advantage side because the… there no wind… there no wind. And… and the badminton… I’m sorry. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t say.

E: Thank you. Is it easier for intelligent people to be successful?
S: Be successful…Yes, it ss more easier than usual people.

E: Why?
S: Because as I say, I think they… they learn things faster.

E: Who plays a, who plays a more important role in a child’s development, the teacher or their parents?
S: I think it’s, I think the tea… the parents… the parents is more important on children’s educa, educations because parents teach them how to be a gentleman or gen… or gentle woman.

E: Thanks very much. That is the end of the speaking test.

Feature List


All / None

1. Letters in purple contain consonant features.
2. Letters in green contain vowel features.
3. Letters in red contain features with syllable structure change.
4. Words in blue contain mispronunciation features.
5. Words in pink contain features with word stress.
6. Letters highlighted in light green contain features with consonant-vowel linking.